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Victoria DiTommasso


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Tonal Kaleidoscope (2020) 

Genre: EDM, Relaxation, Instrumental, Dance 


1. Intro                        12. Hidden

2. Lit Up                      13. Walk With Me

3. Twisted                   14. Desolation

4. Let's Begin              15. Tilt

5. Sky High                 16. Coma

6. Hook Up                 17. Betrayal

7. Steppin                   18. Retribution

8. The River Flows     19. Be At Peace

9. Manipulator            20. Remember

10. Chillax                  21. Rainbow Bridge

11. Lost Soul              22. Release

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Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Music has always played a significant role in Victoria’s life. She began music training at age five when she showed interest in playing the family organ. Victoria played violin through grade school and began studying the piano at age seventeen. She composed her first Instrumental piece on the piano shortly after beginning Private Instructions. 


Victoria's music vaults over fifteen years. During those years she went through many ups and downs. Victoria was taken away from her passion and created a life outside of music for herself. She began working in the Insurance industry and held that position for ten years. Enduring many hardships through the years, her life took a different turn and she lost track of what mattered the most, her music. The loss of her parents was one of the most difficult times in Victoria's life. After grieving her father's passing in 2009 and her mother's passing in 2014, Victoria realized she was not happy and wanted to take her life in a new direction. Victoria knew music made her happy and in 2018 she opened Victoria's Studio to teach Private Instructions. During that time she made the ultimate decision to pursue her musical career and release her first album. Victoria's music is classified in the New Age genre. The piano often plays the main melody while additional instruments are integrated to add harmony while expressing emotions. Compositions reflect a wide range of styles, dexterity and instrumentation creating her own brand of musical storytelling. Life experiences influence Victoria's music. She believes dreaming allows our minds to process emotions we encounter throughout the day. Her dreams speak through melodies in place of words. Victoria feels music is the universal language and words are inessential when conveying a feeling.


Victoria continues to teach Private Instructions, performs original compositions at local events and scores for film and television while working on new projects daily.  Compositions are released through Dream Team Music Group, LLC. Victoria is a member of The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.  

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About Tonal Kaleidoscope

Released February 2020


Tonal Kaleidoscope, a compilation of different genres. Relaxation, dance, edm, rock and instrumental. Zone out, dance or daydream to these catchy beats. 

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